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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Cultural | 3 comments

Traditional Dances of Rajasthan

Ghoomar is a famous Rajastani folk dance, which was developed by Bhil tribes.

Rajasthan – The Largest State of India

Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture, bright & vivacious festivals and royal heritage. This state is blessed with golden sand dunes which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Other attractions include magnificent forts, ravishing Havelis, folk dances, traditional foods, sweet local language, and colorful dresses among many others.

The Traditional Dance Of Rajasthan

The Traditional Dance Of Rajasthan

This state covers around 3.5 lakhs of square Km area and is surrounded by five neighboring states. There are 33 districts which boast of diverse forms of traditional attires, heritage, culture, rituals and stories from history to be shared. Most of the population resides in villages and biggest occupation is agriculture and people earn their living as farmers working on their own fields or as peasants.

Rajasthan culture signifies the regal showcase from the history which they are proud of. Numerous brave and interesting historical records confirm that people of this state were brave, loyal, honest, hard workers who loved their motherland and its respect and died for its sanctity and freedom from the outside invaders.

Fold Dances of Rajasthan

Rajasthani people are simple and fun loving. They have devised numerous folk dances, songs and stories for their entertainment after the day’s hard work at fields. Both men and women participate in these dances and local instruments like saarangi, tabla ,dhol etc are played in unison with them. These dances are usually based some theme or they tell us some brave story of the king and its administration.


This dance is devised by the Bhil community who are also found in Pakistan. This community resides in the deep forests and is known for their hunting acumen. Groups of men and women perform this dance with women wearing the long colorful skirts with lots of embroidery work and small circular mirrors decorated on them. This skirt is also named Ghaghraa in the local language and women dance in circular patterns with thieir Ghaghraa swirling around looking extremely beautiful.

Ghoomar dancers also hide their faces with veils and snap their fingers and sing while moving in circular directions. Ghoomar dance is also much dependent upon the rhythms created by the beautiful tempo of the musicians. In the country sides of Rajasthan, the women of all ages participate in the traditional Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan.

The Traditional Dance Of Rajasthan

The Traditional Dance Of Rajasthan

Kathputli Dance

Kathputli is a famous traditional dance of Rajasthan. Kathputli is a wooden puppet, which is decorated beautifully with bright color dresses. In this dance form puppeteers use narratives and songs to narrate the stories of the popular Rajasthani legends .Kathputlis depicts the personas of the characters and are controlled by the persons through strings attached to them.

Gair Dance

Gair dance is another famous Rajasthani folk dance, which is performed by both men and women. Gair literally means a circle or a round; hence this dance is performed in a circle. During the dance the performers take turns into clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

Kachi Ghodi Dance

Kachi Ghodi is one of the most entertaining Rajasthani dances, which was originated from the bandit regions of Shekhawati. These days, this dance is performed by Potter, Muslims, Sarghara, Kamdholi and Bhambi communities. This dance of Rajasthan is performed with the help of a wooden dummy horse while a person wearing that.


Kathak is a classical dance of Rajasthan, which is performed during the big events and cultural nights of Rajasthan. During the performance dancers wear traditional colorful dresses and the background classical music is played with instruments like Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar etc.


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